No surgery

A non-invasive procedure, saving you from the risks of surgeries. A thin endoscope is used to put the balloon in your stomach. It lasts around 10 minutes

No general anesthesia

Elipse gastric balloon requires no sedation, while the other endoscopic balloons are inserted using fast-acting sedatives and a local anesthetic.

Great results

When diet and exercise aren’t enough, gastric balloons could be the best choice. Weight loss results are long-lasting with continued diet and exercise

Gastric balloon – A safer choice

Like all other medical interventions, gastric balloon procedure has its own risks as well. However, they are very rare, hence it’s still considered safer than the more invasive and expensive bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass). It’s widely believed that the risks associated with overweight and obesity are higher than the very rare risks associated with this procedure. The gastric surgery is associated with a significantly higher rate of serious adverse events.

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Now available in the Scandinavian countries!

Swallowable Capsule

Lose weight with the gastric pill

NO Surgery, No Endoscopy, No Sedation

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Overweight and obesity: the 5th deadliest conditions all over the world

Overweight and obesity are considered the 5th most dangerous factors that contribute to death in the world. People with excess weight, especially belly fat, are two times at risk of developing heart diseases compared to people with no belly fat, according to a new study. It’s considered a medical condition that is linked to cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis, sleep apnea diseases and certain tumors. A modest weight loss of at least 5% of excess body weight may improve people’s health prospect in relation to diabetes and other obesity-related diseases. Overweight or obese people who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, migraine, arthritis, and some other diseases, can benefit from losing weight using gastric balloons.

Visit Copenhagen

Denmark has been added to the list of countries that thousands of people from the United Kingdom travel to seek medical treatment to avoid British higher prices and NHS long waiting system. Many people who aim to lose weight without the risk of surgery (Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve) and its associated complications, come to Copenhagen, the world most liveable city, to have the gastric balloon instead.

They are driven by the first-class treatment they expect at our Nordic clinic and the trust they have for Denmark’s health standards (ranked #21) which is higher than many other EU countries (the UK ranked #30, the US ranked #35). It also helps to know that the price of gastric balloon therapy is way less than that in the UK.

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The procedure is safe, fast and effective

Only mild sedative

Ballon indføres i mavesækken
Balloon is inserted in your stomach

Ballon med saltvand i maven
Balloon is filled with normal saline

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The procedure includes a diet and training program for best results

Effective weight loss therapy

Gastric Balloon + Diet + Exercise = 18.4% Mean Weight Loss*

Combining gastric balloon with diet and exercise programs could significantly increase the weight loss result and expedite achieving the goals. Restricting yourself to diet and/or exercise alone may help you lose about 5 % of body weight after six months, with a return of a third of the weight lost at two years.

*(Brazilian study, 2016, 40,000 patients, after 6 months)


Haytham Al-Tayar
Surgeon, consultant


Rawa Jalil

Anne Millner

Clinical Assistant

Turi Steinø

Mona Akbarifard
Clinical Assistant

Renate Laumann

Adil Awadh
Communications Director

Balloon types – Choose between the following types

There are two kinds of balloons available in the Scandinavian countries: the adjustable and the non-adjustable balloons. Adjustability refers to the volume of the balloon with the fluid inside it. All gastric balloons that are available in Europe are non-adjustable with the exception of Spatz balloon.  The non-adjustable balloons are mostly represented by Orbera and Medsil. All of these balloons are approved for use in Europe and are with CE-mark. The Spatz can stay for up to 12 months in the stomach. All of the non-adjustable are of 6-months duration only. Many people require balloon volume adjustment after insertion to address either an intolerance issue or lack of response to the balloon. The size of the balloon can range from 400-700 ml. After 3-4 months of insertion, many people need their balloons to be increased in size to boost its effectivity.

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Success Stories

Join other people who have defeated overweight and obesity and felt happier with themselves. Watch videos and see pictures of some of those people here.
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The gastric balloon therapy also includes a dietary and exercise program coordinated by an award-winning fitness expert in Denmark.
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What’s the ideal diet with Gastric Balloon?

Many of the people who seek gastric balloon therapy have already tried several dietary regimes before but they either don’t lose enough weight or had weight regain or that they couldn’t maintain the diet for long-term periods. We understand it’s not easy to follow a diet, and that where a gastric balloon can play a big role in the weight loss objectives.

The feeling of satiety induced by the gastric balloon may help you adhere to a diet that suits you. Regardless to the type of diet you follow, including balanced low-calorie, low-fat/low-calorie, moderate-fat/low-calorie, and low-carbohydrate diets, as well as the Mediterranean diet, your aim should be to reduce energy intake below energy.

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Nordic Gastric Balloon

Nordic Gastric Balloon was the first to introduce new types of intragastric balloons in Denmark. In early 2016, the top surgeon, Dr. Haytham Al-Tayar, saw a need to empower people struggling with overweight or obesity with various kinds of gastric balloons to meet the individual needs of each person. He was the first to offer Orbera and Medsil gastric balloons in Denmark while perfecting the unique technique used in inserting and extracting the adjustable Spatz gastric balloons.

This is a continuously evolving medical field, and the clinic is committed to employing the more modern and advanced techniques in managing all the aspects of the safer, cheaper and non-invasive intragastric balloon procedure.

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Price for 12-month adjustable Spatz balloon includes:

  • Insertion
  • Dietary counselling with clinical dietician
  • Psychological counselling through an exclusive online video library on eating behavioural modification
  • 24/7 access to medical staff (phone & email)
  • Removal
  • Additional 12 months of dietary counselling and follow-up after removal
  • One night hotel stay

Price all included 2800 GBP/ 3200 EUR

BMI Calculator

Your BMI

Success stories

Many of the people who lost weight with Nordic Gastric Balloon were eager to share their experiences and talk about their success stories to help others who are considering embarking on this rewarding journey.

Watch their videos and read their stories here. Many other inspiring success stories have not been told, and others are waiting to be told. Learn from stories of Lise who lost 37 kg in six months, Ole who lost 32 in 11 months, and others who lost 53 kg, 41 kg, etc.

Watch the videos here

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