Gastric Balloon Language

These videos will focus on explaining the symptoms experienced by obesity patients with gastric balloons throughout the period of therapy. Nurse Anne will be featured in these videos.

Gastric balloons are medical devices that can help patients lose weight by changing their food habits. They restrict stomach capacity for food and inhibits the release of hunger hormone. Gastric balloons can also talk to the patients who have them in their stomachs, not literally though, but they can communicate certain subtle messages that if the patients listened well they can build a working relationships with their new “baby.” This webpage contains multimedia content that will help translate what the balloons try to say to the patients in regards to the amount and type of food and drink the patients consume.

The balloon does not necessarily speak to you immediately after you overeat or drink, rather it might elect to take its time before speaking to you. Your stomach symptoms could manifest itself days after the overeating or drinking incidence.

Gastric balloon tells you that you have overeaten when you feel the following:

  • You start vomiting.
  • You get belching.
  • You have heartburns.
  • You feel the food stock in your throat.
  • You get a feeling of bloating.
  • You feel the balloon bumps out.
  • Bad breath.
  • You burp foul odour, and you smell like sewage.
  • Your bowel motion smells terribly bad.
  • You have diarrhoea.
  • You drink and drink, but you don’t urinate as much.
  • You vomit even after drinking a mouthful of water.