Gastric Balloon Procedure

ProcedureThe procedure is performed in well-equipped medical clinics, specifically designed for endoscopy functions. The comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and the administered mild sedative will help you feel at ease with the procedure which usually lasts around 15 minutes. Dr. Haytham would then examine your stomach endoscopically to ensure safe implantation of the balloon. Once the balloon is in the stomach, Saline solution mixed with a blue dye is pumped down a tube into the balloon.

Using an endoscope, Dr. Haytham would inspect your stomach and esophagus to exclude any contraindications to the gastric balloon insertion, e.g. a gastric ulcer or big hiatus hernia, then the balloon is inserted and filled with a sterile blue saline solution. When the consultant is satisfied with the size and position of the filled balloon, the endoscope is extracted. You will then be moved into a recovery room until you are fully awoken from the effect of the sedative. Then a staff member will discharge you. At this point, you may still be feeling a little dizzy from the sedative so driving is not recommended.

There may be a feeling of discomfort and sickness in the first few days as the stomach adjusts to the balloon, and the specialists will guide you through the first two weeks from a clear liquid, pureed, soft diet back to solids. The discomfort will ease towards the end of the first week and you should be ready for a regular but more portioned nutrition plan after about two weeks. The success of the treatment is largely dependent on your compliance with the medical recommendations, and your commitment to modifying your dietary and lifestyle habits. Depending on the type of balloon, it could stay in your stomach for up to six (Medsil, Endball, Orbera) or 12 months (Spatz gastric balloon).

The procedure is performed in Denmark clinics (Copenhagen and Aarhus), and in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo) by Dr. Haytham who has so far inserted, adjusted and removed more than 2000 balloons with remarkable success. Nordic Gastric Balloon upholds a general recommendation that the gastric balloon procedure is to be performed by a specialist with at least five years of experience in the endoscopic field. Dr. Haytham has 15 years of experience in gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and cystoscopy. To ensure patient safety and optimal weight loss, all procedures are strictly conducted by Dr. Haytham.