Haytham Doktor

Haytham Al-Tayar

Surgeon, consultant

Dr. Haytham’s extraordinary life journey has enriched his medical talent and judgment. As a young doctor, 25 years ago, he traveled, along with his wife who is also a doctor to work in the most challenging regions in the world. He cared for patients of different backgrounds, overcoming any potential language and cultural barriers, and connecting with patients on a human level that is now being attested to by patients in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Malmo.

Dr. Haytham is an experienced specialist in surgery and surgical gastroenterology, with a focus on performing gastric balloons procedures in Denmark, Sweden, and soon in Norway too. With two years of gastric balloon experience and 1200 balloon insertions, Haytham is considered by far the most accomplished in the intragastric balloon procedures in the Scandinavian countries. He works with the adjustable Spatz3 balloons, in addition to the non-adjustable Medsil and Orbera balloons.

Dr. Haytham prioritizes safety, efficiency, and creativity in the surgical room. Patients and their family members appreciate his full attention while listening to them, and enjoy talking to him freely about what brings them to his care. They feel assured that his skillful hands were at work in several hospitals in Denmark for the last 20 years as a surgeon, performing creative laparoscopy surgical operations, including complicated single-incision and minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery. Haytham was the first to perform a single-incision laparoscopic ventral hernia repair in Bispebjerg teaching hospital in Copenhagen, and the first to introduce in 2011 a cutting-edge procedure in the challenging Giant hernia repair, using an American-made velcro material. Haytham is also familiar with the health system in Norway where he also worked there as a doctor.

Dr. Haytham is certified as a specialist in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. He’s a current member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), GMC as a specialist in General Surgery, England, and registered with the “American College of Phlebology.” He is fluent in Danish and English, and able to communicate in Swedish and Norwegian. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys his almost daily gym program and weekly long hikes in The Wonderful Copenhagen.

Below are some of the surgical publications that Haytham has co-written.

Transumbilical single-incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy.


Dr. Rawa Jalil

Doctor, Specialist in clinical microbiology

Dr. Rawaa is a registered medical doctor in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. She also earned full her full registration as a medical practitioner (GMC) in England in 2010. Dr. Rawaa’s passion for providing a perfect health care to patients led her to achieve another milestone in her educational attainment when she became a specialist in microbiology in 2007. Her focus was on prevention of infection and hygiene in hospitals, antibiotic therapy, and traveling disease in Denmark.

As a young doctor, Dr. Rawaa’s capacity for compassionate action led her to travel abroad to care for the underserved communities, along with her husband, Dr. Haytham Al-Tayar. Dr. Rawaa is a perfectionist recognized for her meticulousness as she works closely with patients of the intragastric balloons to prevent postoperative complications. With Dr. Rawaa’s presence, no corner remains unturned when it comes to providing the best and safest health care to our patients. Rest assured you will be in good hands!

Dr. Rawaa leads an active life and enjoys rigorous gym training and classes. She likes traveling, listening to music and greatly appreciates beautiful arts and home decorations. She is fluent in Danish and English. She can also communicate in Swedish, Norwegian and German. Dr. Rawaa lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two daughters.


Anne Millner


Anne has an extensive experience as a surgical nurse. At Maveballon clinic, she assists in the intragastric balloon procedure and frequently answers patients’ questions postoperatively. Ask to speak to Anne if you are still undecided, you will appreciate her knowledge on gastric balloons’ suitability, benefits, risks, balloon types and even available independent financing options. Her happy and confident tone will help you feel empowered with the new knowledge and solutions.

Anne started her career at the National Hospital in the surgical ward for plastic and burns.

Anne’s passion for helping patients took her to Afghanistan; Camp Bastion, where she was part of an international medical team working at the field hospital.

Before joining Fedmeballon team, Anne worked for six years at Bispebjerg hospital as a surgical nurse in the gastrointestinal section, where she sharpened her medical skills in this field.

Anne is a native Danish speaker and fluent in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Mona Akbarifard

Medical Assistant

Mona is a medical doctor who is getting herself recertified in Denmark. She worked at a Bozorgmehr Medical clinic in Iran for two years and at the Forensic Science organization before moving to Copenhagen in 2015. She graduated in 2011 from a medical university in Tehran.

Mona works hard to make gastric balloon recipients feel at ease with the insertion, adjustment and extraction procedures. She joined the clinic in 2017, and since then became an essential member of the staff.

Mona enjoys horseback riding, music and painting portraits…outstanding ones. While she passed a high-level Danish language test with flying colors and is a fluent speaker, Mona will tell you she’s still learning the language. She’s also fluent in English and can communicate in German.

Renate Laumann

Renate is a nutritionist with an MSc in clinical nutrition from the University of Copenhagen. She has a bachelor from Norway at the University of Bergen, and has studied abroad for one semester at the University of Sydney. Renate has an international and broad knowledge of nutrition and clinical research. With her academic background, she values being professionally updated, and thus providing the best possible guidance for our gastric balloon patients.
Renate has a strong passion for nutrition during lifestyle changes, and has worked with many different patients in the healthcare sector. Renate recognizes the significance of having a normal and healthy relationship with food and exercise.
Renate is fluent in Danish, Norwegian, English and Swedish.

Turi Steinø

Medical secretary

With 25 years of customer services experience, 10 of them as a medical secretary, Turi’s experience makes her stand out in the Fedmeballon team. Turi has a knack for bringing smiles to people’s faces, and patients who will be in direct contact with her will feel her radiating energy and passion for excellence.

At the Department of Surgery in Bispebjerg Hospital, Turi provided awesome service at two sections simultaneously. She also worked as a secretary at the Danish Headache Center, Department of Neurology, Glostrup Hospital / University Hospital.

Turi is a native Danish and Faroes speaker and fluent in English, Swedish and Norwegian Languages.

Ali Doktor
Ali Dalfi



Clinical Assistent

Adil Awadh
Communications Director


Dr. Awadh is a medical doctor and communications specialist. He has a Master’s degree in journalism and communications from Georgetown University (2010) in Washington, D.C., and an MD from Iraq.

Awadh is passionate about helping people lead a healthier and happier life by facilitating the access to the latest medical approaches in fighting overweight and obesity, one of the biggest medical challenges to people all over the world.

Awadh has 20 years of experience of professional career in Washington, D.C. area where he oversaw communications teams, newsrooms, and research sections. He developed and executed strategic communications plans based on extensive research with a clear idea of the target audience and the specific desired objectives. He managed media relations and marketing campaigns for clients whose primary target included the media, decision makers, and the public in the United States and/or Middle East countries. He produced and directed two short documentaries and received two international awards in media excellence in 2007. He worked at think tanks, TV and radio networks, and other non-governmental organizations in the United State.