About the clinic

The Nordic Gastric Balloon center is a pioneering surgical clinic, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, that helps overweight and obese people lose weight. It uses a safe, effective and non-invasive gastric balloon (IGB) treatment, under local anesthesia with an endoscopy to temporarily insert a fluid- or air-filled balloon. The balloon helps induce satiety by reducing stomach volume, impeding its emptying, and inhibiting the secretion of ghrelin, a gastric hormone responsible for increasing the appetite. Recipients of the balloon are encouraged to participate in a diet and lifestyle modification program, moderated by a Gold Medal winner of physique and fitness championship in Denmark, to help them lose weight and keep it off after the balloon is removed.

Losing weight in people who are overweight or obese has significant health benefits. Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and some cancers, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). At Nordic Gastric Balloon, recipients of intragastric balloons have lost up to 50 kg from their original weight after 10 months. People with a body mass index (BMI) that is over 27 (calculate BMI) who seek to lose weight are encouraged to contact the clinic for a free consultation to check their medical eligibility for this procedure.

Nordic Gastric Balloon was the first to introduce new types of intragastric balloons in Denmark. In early 2016, the top surgeon, Dr. Haytham Al-Tayar, saw a need to empower people struggling with overweight or obesity with various kinds of gastric balloons to meet the individual needs of each person. He was the first to offer Orbera and Medsil gastric balloons in Denmark while perfecting the unique technique used in inserting and extracting the adjustable Spatz gastric balloons.

This is a continuously evolving medical field, and the clinic is committed to employing the most modern and advanced techniques in managing all the aspects of the safer, cheaper and non-invasive intragastric balloon procedure. The diverse staff strives to provide a high-quality health care to each person. Building on the success that the clinic has achieved in Copenhagen, it then started offering its services, in alliance with an experienced local medical staff, to help more people reach their goals of losing weight in Aarhus and Malmo in Sweden. We welcome patients coming from other European countries, including Norway, Finland, Germany, and the United-Kingdom.

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