Kim – 30 Kg 11 Month

Kim chose the Spatz gastric balloon over the surgeries to lose weight. He managed to lose 32 kg in 11 months. He tells his story in a video interview, explaining the reasons why he decided to lose weight at this stage of his life.

Birgit – 25 kg 12 month

Birgit has lost 25 kg since she had Spatz gastric balloon in December 2017. She was at the Nordic Gastric Balloon clinic in Copenhagen this morning to reduce the balloon size after achieving her weight loss goal. She will continue having the balloon for the rest of the 12 months period to maintain the behavioral change she made with the balloon. She feels very happy (also quit smoking) and wanted to share her experience with all of you.

Susanne – 34 kg 12 month.

“I like myself again,” is a recurring answer that we hear from many of our patients after they achieve their weight loss goals. Susanne is one of those patients who lost 33 kg in one year with a Spatz gastric balloon. She says it was the best thing she has ever done to her herself.

Khadija – Weight loss 10 kg first month

How much can one lose in the first month of gastric balloon insertion? In Khadija’s case, she lost
10 kg in the first month and then continued the weight loss to reach 15 kg after two months of insertion. Khadija has been struggling with weight gain since she had completed her second pregnancy. She started with a 90 kg of weight and she aims to get to the 65 kg goal. She has a Lexbal gastric balloon which can stay for 6 months only in her stomach. Khadija has combined her balloon therapy with diet and exercise and she said she will continue with the new active lifestyle after the balloon removal in October 2018.

Ole – 32 kg Weight loss

How much of an investment one needs to make to lose weight with a gastric balloon? For Ole, 51-year-old- Danish man, who struggled with obesity for a long time, with several successful attempts at losing some weight with diet alone just to regain it again sometime later.

Weight loss 53 kg in 10 month

Lost 53 kilos in only 10 months

Lise – 37 kg Weight loss

37 kg of weight loss in 6 months with the Spatz balloon

Lisette – 41 kg Weight loss in 12 month

How much of a weight can one lose with a gastric balloon? For Lissette the answer would be 41 kg in one year, using the Spatz gastric balloon. It might seem all easy for Lissette to lose this large amount of fat with a gastric balloon filled with just 500 ml, without any need for up-adjustment.

We have a winner!

Trine has beaten the record at the clinic. Can you guess how much weight she lost, with the Spatz gastric balloon?

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