Kim tabte 30 kilo

32 kg Weight loss in 11 months

Which is a better choice for a long-term weight loss, Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric balloon?

Many people with obesity problems ask that question on Facebook. The answer is that both the non-invasive, gastric balloons and the invasive, Sleeve gastrectomy, can help patients lose 20-50 kgs or more. Studies show that Sleeve gastrectomy can lead to a 60% loss of excess body weight compare to more than 30% with gastric balloons.

However, in our experience, we have seen many patients lose up to 75 kg of their body weight with 1-year gastric balloons. Both procedures can lead to long-term weight loss if the patients continued to abide by the medical recommendations in terms of the amount and type of food and drink and the increased energy expenditure associated with regular exercise. Even with Sleeve gastrectomy, one study showed that the durability of weight loss is limited and patients are liable to weight regain after 3-5 years which could necessitate more surgeries.

Kim chose the gastric balloon over the surgeries to lose weight. He managed to lose 32 kg in 11 months. He tells his story in a video interview, explaining the reasons why he decided to lose weight at this stage of his life. He says that his life was so difficult to the degree that he was not able to ride smaller cars for transportation in Denmark.

His father pleaded with him to put an end to the obesity problem and find a remedy. He then decided to invest in the gastric balloon which helped him make a life change. He is now ready to join his friends in long-distance biking in Italy.