41 kg weight loss in 12 month

How much of weight one can lose with a gastric balloon? For Lissette the answer would be 41 kg in one year, using Spatz gastric balloon. It might seem all easy for Lissette to lose this large amount of fat with a gastric balloon filled with just 500 ml, without any need for up-adjustment. But, no weight loss comes without serious work and discipline involving a real desire to change eating habits and general lifestyle. The initial weight for Lissette was 112 kg and now she is 71 kg. She had the balloon removed in early July 2018 at Nordic Gastric Balloon clinic in Copenhagen.

Lissette’s before and after pictures received a great deal of attention on Facebook page of Nordic Gastric Balloon. “Wow, wow, what a transformation,” [ Wuuup wuuup, hende kender jeg Sikke en forvandling] wrote one member under the picture, and a member was so shocked with the results to the degree that she questioned whether the pictures were for the same person. Lissette is a 37-years-old lady who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I feel like a new person. I no longer hurt in my joints. Before my knees were hurting after a long day of walking – they don’t anymore. But I also keep my head way higher than before. I feel more optimistic and I have so much more energy,” explained Lissette the way she feels after the weight loss.