Elipse Swallow Capsule

  • Swallow Capsule
  • Lose weight with Gastric Balloon
  • NO Surgery, No Endoscopy, No Sedation
  • Price: € 3500


  • Insertion of Elipse balloon, including diagnostic imaging
  • Clinical support, 24/7
  • Support from our clinical dietitian
  • Digital scale and phone app (for you to keep)
  • Free consultation
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Who is it for?

Overweight people with a minimum BMI 27 are qualified for this therapy, once they are confirmed to be safe for the procedure. Once you start losing weight, many of the chronic disease can show improvement, including diabetes mellitus, elevated blood pressure, sleep apnea, back pain, depression, and several others.

Elipse is a procedureless gastric balloon made from polyurethane that is swallowed by the patient before it is filled with 550 mL of saline through a thin catheter. After approximately four months, a resorbable material inside the balloon degrades. The resorbable material must completely degrade before a release valve opens and allows the balloon to empty within minutes. The empty balloon is then excreted naturally. Elipse may be desirable for patients who wish to avoid endoscopy and/or anesthesia.

What does the Elipse Program consist of?

At the center of the 6-month Elipse Program is the Elipse Balloon, a soft balloon that is placed in your stomach. The Elipse Balloon takes up space in the stomach and helps the user feel full and eat less. The balloon is swallowed during a brief 20-minute office visit, and four months later, passes naturally without the need for a removal procedure.  The comprehensive Elipse Balloon Weight Loss Program also includes counseling and coaching from a physician and trained nutritionist, a connected scale and a mobile app that allows you to track your progress and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

What results can be expected?

When combined with diet and lifestyle changes, the Elipse Program can lead to meaningful weight loss: Studies have shown that after following 16 weeks of therapy, patients on average lost between 13 and 15kgs1,2. Beyond the number on the scale, the patients often see improvement in their metabolism and in their quality of life1,2 For the entire time that you are losing weight, the Elipse Program helps you cultivate habits in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

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How does the balloon and the program work?

Weight loss balloons work by inducing a feeling of fullness, taking up space in the stomach and slowing the passage of food. Their presence helps users feel fuller faster, training them to eat smaller portions3,4. As a participant in the comprehensive Elipse Program, you will receive substantial support to help you succeed.

The Elipse Balloon: To help you make healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices to help you achieve weight-loss goals.
Personalized Guide to Nutrition – Your nutritionist will make recommendations that are best suited to you, your body, and your goals
A wireless Digital Scale – Your Allurion scale will provide constant updates of your progress to your care team and these multiple visits with your care team will help you get the maximum benefit from your Elipse Balloon.

What are the advantages of the Elipse Program?

Simplicity: Watch this 2-minute video of an Elipse Balloon being placed –without any surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia.

Support: Patients receive medical and nutritional support, a “smart” weighing scale and a mobile app to track their progress.

Results: The Elipse Balloon helps you kick-start your weight-loss journey by helping you feel full and by encouraging the development of new habits.

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*In rare cases, the Elipse Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. Contact us today to find out if the Elipse Program is right for you. You can also learn more at www.allurion.com.

  • Results may vary from one patient to another
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