It’s one of the few weight-loss gastric balloons that carries the CE-mark certificate, and is officially approved for use and distribution in Europe since 2011. It helps overweight and obese people change their food consumption habits and lifestyle and consequently leads to significant weight loss.

Lexbal has recently been added to the list of gastric balloon available in Scandinavian region alongside Spatz, Orbera, and Medsil. Like most other balloons, it has to be removed no later than 6 months after insertion, and it may be replaced by a new one, if deemed necessary by the doctor. If left in the stomach for more than 6 month, it could lead to a life-threatening complications.

Lexbal has been available in some European and Middle Eastern countries. Additionally, Lexel Medical, the manufacturer of the gastric balloon, has also complied with the Danish approval requirements specified by the Danish Medicines Agency which is the governmental authority that oversees the distribution of all medical devices in Denmark.

The balloon is available for people, starting early May with a starting price of 14,000 DKK, at the Nordic Gastric Balloon (Fedmeballon) clinic operating in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Malmo (Gastroklinik).

**The CE-marked Lexbal has been used in a medical trials in Europe and Argentina to prove the efficacy and safety of gastric balloons as a temporary treatment for overweight and obese people. In the European study that was published by the American National Institute of Health website, 272 morbidly obese patients had lexbal gastric balloon implanted in their stomach, where they lost about 7 kg/m2 of their Body Mass Index (BMI) after 6 months of the treatment. The average weight loss in the treated patients was about 25 kg.

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