Preparation for Procedure

maveballon procesure og indlægning

Your doctor and his staff will work closely with you to prepare you for the procedure. Fir

st you will come in for a consultation and a health evaluation you will get asked about your health and medical history for no complications, for example if you previously have had surgery in your stomach. Your surgeon may order certain tests such as EKF, X-ray or blood tests.

It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions for the preparation. Among other things, your doctor will probably ask you to fast for 12 hours and take the necessary medicine.

The Procedure

To start of the procedure you will get a local anestethic spray in the throat. Then you get some relaxing intravenous medicine and afterwards the nurse will insert a plastic ring between your teeth to keep your mouth open while protecting your teeth. Next, the scope is led through your mouth and into y

our stomach. It is not painful and you will be able to breath withouts problems. It may be necessary to blow air into the stomach for a better overview. This can give a weird feeling and the descire to burb. The balloon will be inserted into your stomach and filled with a saline solution. Finally, the scope will be inserted one last time into the stomach to double check if the balloon is in the correct position and if it is properly filled.

Before the placement of the gastric balloon

To ensure best success, your doctor will decide exactly which prescreening evaluations will be required in your case. The prescreening evaluation may include one or more of the following examinations: A patient information profile, diet evalutation, psychological consultation, routine blood te

sts, X-ray of the lungs and EKG.

To prepare you for the surgery, you will be asked to fast from midnight before your procedure.

The placement of the gastric balloon

Most patients get the gastric balloon placed in local anesthesia unless there is a specific clininal reason for changing the procedure. The gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically and is placed in the stomach then it gets filled with saline. You will be able to go home wihtin an hour.

The gastric balloon can easliy be emptied for saline at any time and removed if required.

Adjustment procedure

*If you experience excessive or prolonged nausea, vomiting or pain the volume of the gastric balloon can be reduced with an endoscopic adjusment.

*If your appetite rises or weith loss plateaus and stops the volume of the gastric balloon can be increased with an endoscopic adjusment.

The volume of the gastric balloon can be changed with a 15 minute endoscopic procedure. The preparation requires a liquid diet for 3 whole days before the adjustment, followed by fasting from midnight. Adjustments will happen in local anesthesia. You will be discharged within an hour.


After 6-12 months the gastric balloon will be removed endoscopically in local anesthesia. Preparation requires a liquid diet for 3 days before the procedure followed by fasting from midnight. After the removal you will be discharged within an hour.

Risks and complications

Like any surgical or medical procedure there will always be a risk of complications. However, this happens very rarely and everything has been done to reduce or prevent them. In spite of this, you must be fully aware of their existence in order to make a decision.

Among the risks are:

  • Nausea and vomting
  • Bloating
  • Ulcers
  • Diarrhea
  • Reactions to sedation (local anesthesia)
  • Aspiration pneumonia
  • Erythema / stomach perforation
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Puncture of stomach balloon and intestinal obstruction

After the placement of the gastric balloon

The first 3-5 days after the placement of the gastric balloon, you may feel unwell and have nausea. This will go away and everything will be done to reduce these side effects. You will be offered medicine to minimize nausea and other symptoms. It is important to take the medicine prior to the onset of nausea.

The first 3 days after the placement you should only consume a liquid diet and the following days a half-life diet. Within a week you will be able to resume a normal food intake but in much smaller amounts than before. Along the insertion of the gastric balloon, you will be intructed in dietary habits, diet and exercise. Those are essential for the gastric balloon treatment and weight loss success.