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People from the United Kingdom and other European countries choose to have their weight loss therapy using a gastric balloon in Copenhagen, driven by the ample trust they have once they learn about Nordic Gastric Balloon. A high level of trust in Denmark has always been a cornerstone of this happy nation. More than 70 percent of Danes trust other people, their government, and the system. The average for the rest of Europe is just over a third.

It’s also comforting to know that adding to this culture of trust, Denmark is considered one of the three best countries in the world in the quality of acute health care provided to people, according to OECD report in 2017.

At Nordic Gastric Balloon hundreds of people have achieved their weight loss goals, and many of them have shared their success stories with other people via videos that are published here. With your willpower, awareness, and our long experience, your weight loss with gastric balloons could be within reach, just a short trip away to Copenhagen.

  • Prices

    € 2500 for 6-months gastric balloon, including insertion, dietary counseling, and clinical support.

    € 3700 for the 12-months gastric balloon, including insertion, dietary counseling.

    € 3500 for the Elipse gastric balloon (swallowable capsule), including insertion, imaging, dietary counseling, clinical support, and digital scale and phone app.

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