Types of balloons

Nordic Gastric Balloon Centre offers four types of gastric balloons:

1. Elipse capsule – is a procedureless gastric balloon made from polyurethane that is swallowed by the patient before it is filled with 550 mL of saline through a thin catheter. After approximately four months, a resorbable material inside the balloon degrades. The resorbable material must completely degrade before a release valve opens and allows the balloon to empty within minutes. The empty balloon is then excreted naturally. Elipse may be desirable for patients who wish to avoid endoscopy and/or anesthesia.

mavebalon typer

2. Spatz Balloon – The Spatz balloon system is a more suitable choice for patients who would benefit from a longer than 6-month therapy. The Spatz balloon is unique for both adjustability and a longer therapy period (12-months). It’s the only gastric balloon that provides an adjustability feature in terms of increasing or decreasing its volume after insertion using an endoscopy.

3.Orbera Balloon -Orbera Intragastric Balloon System is a weight loss system that uses a gastric balloon that takes up space in the stomach. The balloon is placed in the stomach through the mouth using a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure while the patient is under mild sedation. When the balloon is in place the balloon is filled with saline, as it expands into a spherical shape. The balloon can be filled with different amounts of salt water (400 to 700 ml) depending on the amount that best suits the patient’s stomach size.

Orbera ballon

4. Medsil Balloon-Medsil Intragastric Balloon is a European made 6-month balloon that has been in use for several years in Europe and elsewhere. It has proven to be a trusted and reliable medical device that is effective and affordable compared to the American version, Orbera. It requires oral endoscopy for its insertion and removal. The silicone balloon is filled with normal saline and can be filled to a maximum of 700 ml. Patients can elect to have a 2nd Medsil after the removal of the 1st one if they choose to complete the treatment toward a normal BMI.

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