Many of the people who seek gastric balloon therapy have already tried several dietary regimes before but they either don’t lose enough weight or had weight regain or that they couldn’t maintain the diet for long-term periods. We understand it’s not easy to follow a diet, and that where a gastric balloon can play a big role in the weight loss objectives.

The feeling of satiety induced by the gastric balloon may help you adhere to a diet that suits you. Regardless of the type of diet you follow, including balanced low-calorie, low-fat/low-calorie, moderate-fat/low-calorie, and low-carbohydrate diets, as well as the Mediterranean diet, your aim should be to reduce energy intake below energy expenditure rather than focusing on the type of diet itself. Our dietician, Renate, will help you solve this puzzle. The individualized diet and the number of calories that you need to consume every day in order to lose weight will be calculated based on your basal metabolic rate and activity level. Again, the gastric balloon will give you a feeling of fullness which should make it feasible to follow any dietary regime. However, we don’t believe in following a punishing diet. We want you to still enjoy healthy food and drinks while you lose weight with a gastric balloon. Most of our patients do lose weight with a reasonable observance of the dietary recommendations associated with gastric balloon therapy.

As long as you avoid eating certain kinds of food items that are not gastric balloon-friendly, you should be able to lose weight by portioning your food with the help of our dedicated dietician. We recommend a minimum of one-year-long dietary counseling to help you solidify your new healthy lifestyle. That’s why our dietician will continue to support you even after you remove the balloon, for an additional six months, to ensure that you avoid the weight regain and stay the course with healthy eating habits.

Dietary counseling starts even before the balloon insertion. Our dietician will help you understand the way forward in terms of food and drink changes that you will encounter. Patient awareness is of paramount importance in reaching successful results. After the balloon insertion, you will have access to the dietician up to two times a month. You can schedule a phone consultation or send an email about your food and drinking questions, and you will meet a prompt and informed reply. 

Many of you, however, prefer to avoid calculating calories as a way to lose weight, especially as a long-term approach. The dietician can still help you choose the best dietary regime that would contribute to achieving the desired weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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